Text Editor Settings

[WIP] discuss using LF and white space remover etc.
Below is information on requirements needed when using a text editor to work on LinuxGSM code. All the reccomended text editors can be setup to take in to account the requriements.


LinuxGSM uses tabs instead of spaces, it is possible to specify tabs and convert spaces to tabs if required.

Line Ending

All files must be saving using LF (Line Feed) line endings which if the line ending used by UNIX based systems. Please ensure that your text editor is saving in LF format as failure to do so will cause BASH scripts to stop functioning.
For more info about line endings check out the article "The Great Newline Schism".

Trailing White Spaces

When developing code sometimes it can be easy to end up with trailing white spaces. as shown below.
# The line below has two spaces after its final character
All code must have whitespaces removed to keep code tidy. Many text editors have a feature that will automaticly remove trailing whitespaces when a file is saved. It is highly reccomended this feature is turned on.