Development Software

Before you get started a few tools are required for developing LinuxGSM. The tools used are down to the developer's preferences. However, there are some recommendations if you are new.

GitHub Account

LinuxGSM uses GitHub to host the code, because of this a GitHub account is required.

Text editor

LinuxGSM is written in BASH and can be developed simply by using a text editor. The recommended text editor is Atom as it is Open Source and is developed by GitHub so has some great integrations. However, if you are more comfortable with another editor that is fine. For specific requirements for text editors see Text Editor Settings.

Git Client

To edit code, create branches and submit Pull Requests a Git client is required to work on the project. The recommended Git client is Git Kracken as it is feature-rich and easy to understand the branch relationships. Atom also has a built-in Git Client which is useful for beginners. Both Git Kracken and Atom integrate well with GitHub.

SSH Client

To connect to Linux servers an SSH client is needed. There are various clients available to choose from. For Windows, MobaXterm is a great option or the classic PuTTY. For Linux and Mac Remmina works well for saving SSH sessions.


The LinuxGSM project uses Discord as the main method for communication.