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Any script file must run at some point. Within, you will then choose what tests to run for a given function. The syntax of is a bit counter-intuitive: local allowed_commands_array=( ) is the variable where you will enter the functions into which you need to run the following check.
There are several checks available:
  • checks for a missing config file or a wrong parameter.
  • checks for missing dependencies and contains requirements
  • checks if the server has the correct Glibc version or a fix available.
  • automatically identifies the server interface IP.
  • checks if log files exist.
  • checks ownership & permissions of scripts, files and directories
  • checks if the user tried to run the script as root
  • checks the process status of the server. Either online or offline
  • checks if SteamCMD is installed correctly
  • checks if systemdir is accessible
  • checks RAM requirements (maybe more into the future)
  • checks and prevents server start from tmux or screen