Exit Codes

Below is a list of exit codes and explanations for each code.

to see the exit code you can activate ./gameserver dev-debug


  • Code: 0

  • Description: This code is returned when all is well.

  • On Screen Automated: [ OK ]

  • On Screen Interactive: Complete!

  • Logfile: PASS


  • Code: 1

  • Description: Fatal errors occur when LinuxGSM is prevented from completing its task. e.g it was unable to start a server.

  • On Screen Automated: [ FAIL ]

  • On Screen Interactive: Failure!

  • Logfile: FATAL


  • Code: 2

  • Description: An error occurs when LinuxGSM can complete its task however something went wrong. In many cases LinuxGSM will attempt to resolve errors itself.

  • On Screen Automated: [ ERROR ]

  • On Screen Interactive: Error!

  • Logfile: ERROR


  • Code: 3

  • Description: Warnings happen when there is something mis-configured or not setup correctly. LinuxGSM may still work but not do as expected.

  • On Screen: [ WARN ]

  • On Screen Automated: [ WARN ]

  • On Screen Interactive: Warning!

  • Logfile: WARN


  • Code: N/A

  • Description: Useful information about what LinuxGSM is currently doing.

  • On Screen:

  • On Screen Automated: [ INFO ]

  • On Screen Interactive: Information!

  • Logfile: INFO

For Developers

An exit code is generated when you specify a logfile message e.g fn_script_log_fatal. When you want the script to exit you must use core_exit.sh rather than just the exit command. core_exit.sh will then handle the exit. Each time you have a new variable for writing to the log file the code will change to that code. For example if LinuxGSM experiences and error with code 2 then resolves the issue and passes the final code will be 0.


fn_script_log_fatal "RCON password is not set"

This will exit with code 1

fn_script_log_error "RCON password is not set"

This will exit with code 2

fn_script_log_error "SteamCMD is missing"
LinuxGSM installs SteamCMD
fn_script_log_pass "SteamCMD has been installed"

This will exit with code 0